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To be able to respect this promotional rate of the all inclusive package, you must attend the orientation of 90 minutes of an authentic Mexican hotel.

we start with a welcome buffet breakfast in a 5 star restaurant  with a great view of the bay. After the breakfast  , one of our representatives will give you a small tour of the facilities of the hotel , giving you information about the services that we have and finally we give you information on our memberships.

very important that you know :
This promotion is without obligation of purchase to a vacation package .

This special package is an exclusive offer for people who have the following requirements:
1) This package is for married couples, or 2 adults living together
(cohabitants). 2 children under 12 years old are included for free.
2) Couples must be 45 to 80 years old.
3)both Ids must have the same address
(students & unemployed people don’t qualify)
4) If married, both husband and wife must travel together.
5) Posses and bring with them 2 major credit cards,
bank or debit cards do not qualify.
6) Gainfully employed.
7) Speak and understand fluent English.
8) Be residents of U.S.A. or Canada,
9) Combine income over $90,000us

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 You can give the certificate to friends or   relatives who have previous qualifications